The Beginning of Science as I know It

Like the chicken and the egg conundrum, I do not know which came first. Was it a love of science that caused me to favor science teachers growing up, or was it because I had so many great science teachers that I grew to love science? Either way, I am a scientist at heart and approach life as one big experiment.

That being said, I favor the actual experimenting portion of science over the research and planning stages. I like to DO. My husband can confirm that I am always trying to find more projects and tasks to complete.

I am mostly a perfectionist yet surprising never precise in my cooking or baking. For many of you my lack of measuring will abhor. I am constantly changing recipes and (as the title of my blogs suggests) experimenting! Hopefully this blog will cause me to record recipes and ideas in a way that can be replicated, as this is an important part of the scientific process (and one that I do not find myself excelling at).

I only ask that you comment and make suggestions! My best ideas are inspired by other people.


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