First, let me just say that I continue to get excited putting together shopping lists each week. I am really enjoying the hunt for good deals.

This week I just needed a few things, but Smith’s was having their sale where you buy 10 items and get all of those items at a discounted price.  The sale included multiple items I had coupons for, so I couldn’t resist.

Items included in Buy 10:
Kleenex Tissue x3 $0.99
Used 0.50/3
Final Price: $0.83 each

Q-tips $1.49

Bird’s Eye Veggies x2 $0.89

Rice a Roni $0.56

Pringles x3 $0.99
Used $1/3
Final Price: $0.63 each

I don’t buy chips (other than tortilla) very often, and Rice a roni never unless I can get it super cheap. We just don’t eat a lot of pre-packaged foods. Because we occasionally do eat these items though, I’m learning that it is better to get them while they are super cheap.

The rest of the items I got:
Cinnamon Life Cereal $1.67
Used 0.75/1
Final price: $0.92

Honey Bear $1.97 (I was completely out of honey)

Eggs x2  $0.99 each

Bananas 0.59/lb $1.45

Cherries 1.99/lb $2.37

Apples Granny Smith $0.89

Apple Golden Delicious $0.81

Red Pepper $0.99 (I’ve gotten these cheaper, but I really wanted this for pizza this week)

Sweet Potato $1.54

Ginger Root $0.45

Brocolli Crowns $1.15

Grocery Total: $24.21
Coupon Savings: 2.25
Total Savings (in-store+coupons): 15.79 or 40%


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