Start Small

One of the first pieces of advice I read about couponing was to start small- and what good advice that was! Chances are, the first time you try it out you’re not going to save $100 or get 70% off your purchase. You can easily get overwhelmed and give up couponing altogether if you try to do too much your first time.

In the spirit of starting small I thought I’d share my three small trips from this week. I spent the last of our grocery money last week, so I used a target gift card I got for my birthday as well as a couple of dollars Adam approved to snag these good deals.

Target 20110730-080506.jpg

Nivea Body Wash $3.99
Used $2.00/1 (Redplum)
Used $1.00/1 (Target coupon book)
Final price $0.99

Glade solid air fresheners x2
On clearance for $0.68 each
There are lots of coupons for Glad products here (none for the solid fresheners, though some coupon items were on clearance)

Papermate pens x2 $1.00
Used $1.00/1 coupon here
Final price FREE

Downy $4.99
Used $0.75/1
Final price $4.24

Trident Gum x3 $0.99
Used $2.00/3 coupon
Final Price $0.33 each

Total cost: $8.24

A couple of notes about this trip. First, since the Downy wasn’t on sale I did a price comparison to see if it would be worth it to buy a bigger bottle to get the best deal. As it turned out, the smallest size was the best price per ounce. Make sure to check your per ounce prices- buying more doesn’t necessarily mean it is cheaper. Second, we don’t chew a lot of gum but like I mentioned in my Smith’s shopping trip I have realized that it is better to get these items when they are cheap or free for the times we do use them.


Brownies x2 $0.99 (this price from a price-match)
Used $0.75/2 coupon
Final price $0.62 each

Nexcare Bandages $1.00
Used Target coupon (works like a price-match) $1.00/1
Final price FREE

Reach floss $0.88
Used printable $1.00/1 here
Final Price $0.12 money maker
(Wal-mart lets you use overage from coupons for other purchases)

You should be able to print the Reach coupon twice from each computer. I’m going to print another three and use them on my next Wal-mart trip.


Kohl’s has been sending these out (in our area at least) about once a month. Last month I used it to buy a pack of new kitchen towels, and this month I bought Adam a pair of nice flip-flops. Kohl’s has Pyrex dishes priced around $10 which would be a great use for this if you get one next month! You have to spend a minimum of $10 to use these, so last month I used a small candle as filler. The flip-flops were $12, so with a 20% off coupon I spent less than $2 out of pocket.

I will try to get these deals up sooner so everyone can take advantage of them. Be patient as I get better at all this!

Did you snag any great deals this week?


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