A Hiatus and a Homecoming

Well- it’s been a while. Make that a LONG while.

I intentionally took a break from writing because I didn’t like where the blog was going. My most popular posts were the ones where I was saving a lot of money, but at some point I realized a few things about myself:

1. I don’t want to be another frugal living blogger.
2. I don’t believe in taking frugality to the extreme.
3. I want to be more aware of my impact on the earth. I realize that getting ten bottles of shampoo for free creates a lot of plastic waste and is not necessarily better than purchasing a larger bottle (or better than using more natural cleaning methods).

So what do I want this blog to be? If I’m being honest, I still don’t know exactly. But I want there to be food and I want to write about projects I undertake. And if I come across a good deal once in a while I’ll write about it. I want to be more intentional and make healthy choices and I want this blog to reflect that.

I’m committing to those of you who are willing to support my entrance back into the blogging world that I will post at least once a week with a stretch goal of three times a week. And with that I will leave you with a photo sneak-peek of what I’m working on right now.

Happy holidays!



3 Comments on “A Hiatus and a Homecoming”

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  2. […] when I gave you a little teaser in this post of the project I was working on? I had been searching for the right night stand for quite a while […]

  3. […] these are boring and dry, but I can’t get enough. Since I have historically not been great at posting on a regular basis I am going to start posting a money tip once a week in an effort to get myself back in the habit. […]

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