If you read my post on November 24  you know I set a goal for myself to write at least one blog post per week. I won’t even remind you what my stretch goal was. Since then I have written how many times? Zero. But you know what- that’s okay. It’s okay because with this post I’m meeting my goal for this week. And I’ve already written another post to come out later this week. I’m happy with that. One month is shorter than one year which is how long my last hiatus was. I think that is definitely progress.

As an apology for leaving you all hanging (I have so many readers, you know) I will leave you with photos of my adorable puppies. They are not technically puppies as we adopted them full-grown, but perhaps because I missed that stage in their life I like to call them puppies. Or maybe because puppies makes them sound cute and adorable. Doesn’t matter. Here are my puppies.


Penny girl who likes to sleep.


Lulu pup who came to us loving fetch.


One Comment on “Failure”

  1. The Poppa says:

    Love the puppy pictures. Look forward to next blog entry.

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