The District of Columbia


I missed an important life change while on my hiatus. We moved! It wasn’t a short move either. We relocated about 2,000 miles from the desert that is Utah to the lush green land known as Washington D.C. We don’t actually live in the District, but I’ll keep our exact location private as this is a public blog.

People keep telling us that the curse of living in a city with lots of sights to see is that you never actually see the sights unless someone visits you. We have been here almost a year and while I wish I could tell you it was different for us the truth is- they were right. The one really cool thing we have done, without visitors, is the White House Garden tour. This tour is evidence of the perks of having a husband that works on Capitol Hill.

The “garden” is really just the White House backyard. But let me tell you- it is a backyard I am extremely envious of. It’s full of trees, shrubbery, benches that probably don’t ever get sat on, basketball hoops, and a playground that was put in for Sasha and Malia. There are also two beehives and a vegetable/herb garden, as well as beautiful open grassy areas that made me wish I had brought a blanket and a good book to read. I did get the feeling that if I stepped onto the grass a secret service agent was going to jump out of a tree and take me down, but Adam forbid me to try it so I guess we’ll never know.


Isn’t that parsley beautiful? I want a vegetable garden so badly. I actually successfully grew basil in pots this summer! I am very proud. I think it would also be nice if along with my garden I got a team of garden staffers to tend my garden for me. I bet Michelle Obama would say that’s the best part.

I was a little frustrated that when we got to the vegetable garden they only had this tiny little viewing area and refused to let people stop and stare at the veggies. What were they thinking? People love to stare at veggies (or maybe that’s just me?). I had to quickly alternate between drooling and taking pictures. I don’t feel like I got to do enough of either.


This tree was planted the year I was born. Each president while in office gets to plant a tree in the garden. Anyone care to guess which president planted this one?

Close up WH

We were actually surprised at how small the White House seems when you are right next to it. It is much less grand when you aren’t viewing it across the expansive lawn, but it is a beautiful structure nonetheless.


We love living in this area and I look forward to sharing our east coast adventures with everyone. If you know of any must do/see things in the D.C. area, let me know in the comments!


3 Comments on “The District of Columbia”

  1. Pam says:

    Glad to see you are seeing some of the “sights” with Adam. Very fun blog!!

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