Reusing Glass Bottles

Mondays That Matter logo I’m starting a weekly series where I post about something every Monday that is important to me. My first disclaimer for this particular post is that I am not very good at living “green.” I buy beef and chicken that I know are raised on factory farms in a completely non-sustainable way. I use cleaners that will probably cause me to die early. Our kitchen trash can fills up daily (though to be fair it is a pretty small trash can). But I give myself grace too. Baby steps, right?

Recycle We have gotten better at recycling since we moved. It’s pretty easy when people pick up the recycling just outside your door.

Reduce I read a fantastic blog post a while back (which sadly I can’t find to link to) about how we should focus more on reducing than recycling. While recycling is better than filling our landfills, it is ironically still a source of pollution and energy consumption. I’m working on using less to begin with reduces the need to recycle.

Reuse Re-purposing old items is becoming increasingly popular and projects are popping up everywhere online. I love reading posts about re-purposing. I feel like this goes hand-in-hand with reducing. If we reuse one item then we are essentially reducing the use of a new product as well. This post is dedicated to reusing.

Over the past year I’ve been collecting glass food jars: jam, pickles, syrup,etc. I prefer storing dry goods in glass, and I got this inspiration from my sister who started storing spices in old baby food jars.

Jars group

If you really don’t care what they look like you can just wash out the inside, let dry, and use! Simple as that. I like to soak my jars and then scrub the labels/glue off so I can see all of my delicious goods. I’m sure you could soak them for a couple of hours and be fine, but I usually forget and they soak for days. If you have trouble getting the glue off try a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab. For the lids, I personally like the fun mis-matched style, but if you want to get really fancy you can paint the lids all one color like this.

A word of advice with the pickle jars- soak the lids in baking soda and water and the pickle smell will [almost] go away. I still only use those jars for items like cornmeal and dry beans, which have strong flavors and will be cooked. The other lids have all washed up just fine without any smell.

Some ideas for things to store
Baby food jars/small jam jars: Spices
Small to medium size: seeds and nuts, baking soda/powder, etc
Medium to Large: pastas and flours

Have you reused or re-purposed anything recently?


2 Comments on “Reusing Glass Bottles”

  1. Miranda says:

    Great Post! I just finished putting all my legumes and pasta in Weck glass jars over the weekend. And I love how pretty they look in my pantry.

    PS. You must invest in some Goo Gone. It makes getting the sticky off so so easy.

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