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A friend at work mentioned geocaching to me a few months ago and I was immediately intrigued. For those of you who don’t know, geocaching is a real world scavenger hunt using GPS coordinates. Basically someone hides a small container (like a small Tupperware) and then posts the GPS coordinates online for other people to find. I have been wanting to try it out ever since I heard about it, but plans were foiled by bad weather every weekend I found myself not working. Finally this past weekend we had beautiful weather and I convinced Adam that it was time we gave it a try. We downloaded the iPhone app and were off!


In each cache you’ll find a log sheet to record your name and the date you found the cache. The above was the second cache we found and the log sheet was short (the first cache I forgot to snap a photo of).


Our third and final cache for the day was the most difficult to find, even though it was in plain sight! We think it may have been moved from it’s original spot as our GPS coordinates did not match up perfectly. There were many treasures inside (the rule is you can take something, but you must leave something of equal or greater value). Because this was our first adventure we didn’t know exactly what we would find, but next time we plan on taking some trinkets to swap out.

I thought we would only do one to try it out, but we had so much fun we ended up finding 3! We were pleasantly surprised by how many caches have been hidden in our neighborhood, and I think it will take a while before we actually have to start driving to the locations.

If you like puzzles or treasure hunts you should give this a try! Visit the official geocaching website and create a login to get started. If you want to connect we are treasure hunting under the username  NOVAdventurer.

Have you ever tried geocaching? Share your experiences in the comments. 


2 Comments on “The NOVAdventurer”

  1. Timmy says:

    Me and the roommates did a whole bunch of geocaching in 2011. Our favorite part is the adventure getting there, so we bought a really cheap GPS for $10 off Craigslist. It doesn’t actually show a map, just an arrow pointing in the direction of the cache, so we would just hop in the car and pick whatever road looked like it was going to take us there. I’m sure you can get an app that only shows an arrow, but it was a lot of fun using the handheld unit. We stopped by the dollar store to get several bags of small toys and trinkets. I noticed that a lot of the caches had keychains, so I decided to try and start collecting keychains as my trinket from each cache that had one.

    We tried to find caches in more rural areas to ensure that we’d find some fun back roads to drive on. On one occasion, I picked coordinates that were a little too rural and most of the roads were dirt logging roads. I think it was early spring and twice on that adventure we went far enough up a mountain that we went from no snow to snow too deep for my little car to survive in. We never did find that particular cache, sadly. One time we were stymied because most of the roads that seemed to go in the direction of the cache were marked private and trespassing in rural areas tends to be a pretty poor decision.

    Our previous roommate and I came up with a “Photobucket” geocache, where we leave a small bucket with a disposable camera and instructions for people to take a picture of themselves when they find the cache, then we’d check it periodically and get the pictures developed and post them to whatever website we had the coordinates on. I still really want to do that.

    Geocaching is a ton of fun!

    • Christy says:

      I love the idea of a “photobucket” cache! It would be cool if you had a way to take digital photos and upload them immediately, but sadly I doubt with all the thieving people in this world such a gadget would last very long.

      Now I’m excited to try driving to some caches. I bet there are a lot of rural ones around here if we just drive a bit.

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