A Balanced Life



I’ve been thinking a lot about living a balanced life. I have always been drawn to this idea, but more so since I returned to work post-baby and my life suddenly became pure chaos. Piles of laundry, long commutes, and not enough sleep have been the norm for me since February. For reference, it took two months back at work before I found a moment to look at our budget when I used to review it daily. I was feeling completely overwhelmed by working full time and trying to be a mom.

How do you find balance when you can’t even keep your head above water? The answer: you can’t. I found myself in a situation where the bad days outweighed the good and even found myself being jealous of my daughter’s sitter. Not a good place to be. So…

I quit my job.

To be more accurate I stepped down from my position as supervisor and stopped working full time (effective today). I’m still doing some [very] part time work, but no more 40+ hours a week + commute + daycare drop off/pick up.

I’m happy.

Seriously happy. And now I feel like I have margin in my life again which feels SO good. I’ve come up with a list of items I want to focus on now that I’m a [mostly] stay at home mom. Over the next few weeks I plan to make some very measurable goals out of these, but here is the summary of what I want to accomplish with my new job as stay at home mom.

1.) De-clutter and clean my house. Create a system to keep it clean and picked up.

2.) Focus on better nutrition and overall health for my family. Eat more veggies and non-animal sources of protein.

3.) Find activities both for me to enjoy solo and things I enjoy doing with my baby.

I feel like I want to accomplish a lot and the challenge will be reigning myself in and not getting frustrated when things are not perfect by next week. I have a tendency to overextend and take on too much at once, but I hope I am able to push through the disappointment and accomplish everything on my list. I yearn for balance and simplicity in my life and I am confident I am closer to finding both.

How have you found balance in your own life?


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